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About Us

We are a company that builds bespoke, custom-made, technology solutions for companies, charities, individuals and other organisations.

Over the past 8 years, we've developed YingaTech UK Ltd into a company built around honesty, integrity and good quality. We are a small group of techies from the UK and US who endeavour to provide a top quality service, at an honest price. We've worked on all sorts of projects from information websites for baristers and the NHS to railway infrastructure and control technology.

If you have something that you think we could help you with, please get in touch!
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Green Technology

When choosing our suppliers, we aim to find the best possible compromise between wholesale cost, environmental impact and quality. Through this, we’ve partnered with a server provider that offers low emission servers through their custom proprietary water cooling technology that they’ve pioneered since 2003 – removing air conditioning systems from our data centres and leaving a cleaner future for our planet.

While this is a good step, it doesn't remove our emissions completely, so we carbon offset any emissions that we do produce (and a little extra, making us carbon negative!)
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Non-profit work

We pride ourselves on being able to partner with non-profit organisations to help them with marketing and technical needs at a barebones rate, enabling them to improve and increase their charitable work.

Since 2016, we've helped charities to develop custom fundraising solutions, information & campaign websites and bespoke systems to help them to keep running into the future.
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